little  flower  peonies

~fresh cut flowers from our farm in alaska ~

Early Season Sale 


on orders over 100 stems within the first two weeks of harvest

$0.50 off per stem


Located at nearly 1500 ft elevation & 120 miles south of the Arctic Circle, in the interior of Alaska, is our family owned & operated peony farm. Here, our several varieties of peonies are farmed sustainably.  Each year, our peonies emerge from their winter slumber in May to be nourished by the midnight sun.  They bloom to spectacular sizes in less than 60 days.  Nearly 24 hours of light in the summer solstice is the catalyst for the peonies' accelerated growth.  At harvest time, each bud is handpicked, inspected and chilled to 33˚F, ready to be shipped.  At a time when peonies are not typically available, our Alaskan peonies are at their prime.


By late September, the first snow falls and our plants sleep under a think blanket of snow while dreaming of the northern lights dancing above.  


Our farm is also our home.  All year round, we share our home & our peony fields with moose and wolves, foxes and lynxes, hares, grouse and ptarmigans. Our flowers are beloved by bees and butterflies, dragonflies and a myriad of other insects.

We would love to share the unique beauty and fragrance of our peony blooms with you.  Let us bring you the best that Alaska can offer.



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