Coral Charm Peony ~ One of the rarest varieties of peonies seen in Alaska farms due to its sensitivity to the harsh Alaskan winters.  Those that survive the long winter, however, puts forth large blooms with an deep coral color.  The stunning shades of the Coral Charm peony never fail to amaze.  Its colors and shades change everyday.  Like the ocean and the skies, they are never the same from day to day, even hour to hour.  They are alive with their natural volition drawing attention to themselves.  They burst forth with the most intense of colors to attract the bees and insects, to fulfill the mission of their existence. They give their best and all and still they give more.  Even at the end, even at its fading, it is still a spectacular testament to the beauty of nature.  The Coral Charm peonies make an elegant bouquet by themselves and they complement other pink and white peonies in an arrangement. 

Coral Charm