Peony is our business.  We sell flowers, not shipping services.  Therefore, our buyers can rest assured that we do not inflate shipping or handling rates to make a quick buck.  Shipping rates are quoted as the average of FedEx overnight shipping.  The nominal handling fee helps defray the costs of floral boxes, ice packs and other packing materials that ensure your flowers arrive in their best condition.  

Large shipments are sent through Alaska Airlines' air cargo.  Alaska Airlines is a trusted and experienced shipper for perishables products coming out of Alaska.  With a reliable cold chain and daily flights from Fairbanks to Seattle and then connecting to major cities such as Orlando, Tampa, LA, and others, we can quickly get our flowers from our farm to you


Payments can be made by checks or major credit cards.


Special wholesale prices of more than 1000 stems per shipment are available.  Please email us at